Calendar for synagogues, Yeshiva Schools

*No photo and / or video of this site was not worked or taken during Shabbat or yom tov (I’ve only changed the system date)

For the speed of this video demonstration, all the forms, can be displayed according to your choice, will last 5 seconds, except the form of schedules that will last 30 seconds.
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This electronic calendar for synagogues, Yeshiva Schools shows the Hebrew date, the CIVIL date
The schedules of the Jewish day
course of the day
Special Days

•Molad the following month, the day of Shabbat when we bless the month.

• The days of fasting, the calendar will show the times of start and end of fasting.
• The day before Passover, the calendar will show the end times Chometz consumption and time to burn the chametz.
• The Omer [/ su_spoiler] • Mashiv Haruach / Morid Hatal
• Veten Tal ouMatar / Veten Braha

• As Hayom Yom Rebbe
• Events of schule
• Birthday, yahrtzeit of rebbeim
• The Haftarah according to your custom
• Sefer Hamitzvot Rambam

You can configure* :

Mode d’emploi du Calendrier Hébraïque pour les synagogues Très facile à utiliser ou à paramétrerHow to use the Hebrew calendar for the synagogues — Very easy to use or set
— כיצד להשתמש בלוח השנה העברי לבתי כנסת קל מאוד לשימוש, או לקבוע

קל מאוד לשימוש, או לקבוע

Nouveau thème du Calendrier électronique


Affichage des horaires de Chabat toute la semaine

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